(Blanco County 05) - Gun Shy

Author: Ben Rehder
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
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The National Weapons Alliance rally in support of every American's right to bear arms is meant to garner huge publicity. And the host of the event is none other than the NWA's newest spokesman, handsome country superstar Mitch Campbell. What nobody suspects is that the Stetson-wearing, gun-toting, bull-riding Campbell is a fraud. Hes really Norman Kleinschmidt, a pill-popping, snowboarding, former rock-and-roller from Vermont. To Campbells dismay, someone from his past is about to make that secret a big, big problem. Meanwhile, when an illegal immigrant is killed in a questionable hunting accident just days before the rally, local game warden John Marlin starts to poke around. Its not long before an astonishing series of events threatens to bring down the very carefully marketed Mitch Campbell, and maybe the NWA along with him.

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