An Arranged Marriage

Author: Jo Beverley
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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SHE WAS A RELUCTANT BRIDE Eleanor Chivenbam didn't put much past her vile brother, but even she bad not anticipated his greedy scheme to dupe a rich earl into mistaking her for a lightskirt! Her reputation in shreds, her future ruined, a defeated Eleanor was forced to agree to a hasty marriage of convenience. But marriage to Nicholas Delaney, Earl of Stainbridge, with his casual elegance and knowing smile was more than she'd bargained for He was a renowned rake and scoundrel, and no doubt be thought the worst of her Yet Eleanor wasn't sure bow long she could bold out against his undeniable charm-or the secret desires of her own heart. BUT HE WAS A PERSUASIVE GROOM For the sake of family honor Nicholas Delaney agreed to marry a wronged young lady. In truth, such chivalry ran counter to his carefully wrought image of carousing, dissolute rogue, the guise so vital to his secret political mission. But if be bad hoped to keep his new wife well in the background, be was sorely mistaken. The chit's fighting wit and uncanny beauty were impossible to ignore In fact, she presented quite a challenge to his prowess with women; and Nicholas never could resist a challenge.

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